80 years ago, in Delhi, our Grandfather hand-made two Harmoniums for his Guru. He was blessed and told ‘not only would his Harmoniums be played on earth but in heaven itself’.

From here he started his own business, naming it BINA after his second daughter. Like many Asians migrating from their homeland, our parents Kuldeep and Bina ventured on a journey. After arriving in the UK, they opened BINA Musicals in the mid-1970s and almost 50 years later, a third generation continues to honour our family legacy.

For us, our instruments are not just wares to sell and profit from. We aim to find them homes where they are loved and cherished, where Sarasvati (the Goddess of Knowledge and Music) lives and therefore, Laxmi (the Goddess of Wealth and Purity) is shared, which leads to Parvati (the Goddess of Devotion, Strength and Power) prevailing always.

We will never be able to thank you all enough for buying from us and please know we send our prayers, good wishes and humble gratitude with every instrument you take home.

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