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At BINA Musicals UK, we are always learning and are keen to share tips for looking after and getting the most out of your instrument.

Whether it’s a new purchase or an inherited instrument, we are here to help. You can have peace of mind in the knowledge that all aftercare is done in-house by trained and certified BINA Musicals UK staff and not outsourced to third parties.

BINA 23B Harmonium

Harmonium Service

from £70.00

No job is too big or too small, be it a complete service or minor tune:

Checking and tuning 2-4 keys only

A complete service and tuning

Retuning to a custom specification


Percussion Service

from £15.00

A choice of deluxe, professional and Benares skins to choose from:

Tabla tuning only

Fitting new skins and tuning including Tabla, Dholak and Dhol

Replacing Badri strap and/or base ring

BINA Sting Instrument

Stringed Service

from £25.00

Looking after your instrument so the music you play continues to bring joy:

Re-string and tune

Replacing frets and pegs


Replacing skins on stringed instruments including Dilruba, Esraj, Sarod and Sarangi

BINA No9 Harmonium

Overhaul and Restore

from £100.00

We endeavour to restore and bring back to life instruments which may have been damaged, broken or gifted through the generations including:

Repairing damaged pumpkins on Sitars, Tanpuras, Veenas, etc

Replacing keys, bellows, ribbons, and external casing trims

Hammering out dented Bayan shells

Please note: The prices quoted above are approximate estimates and depend on the amount of work each individual instrument requires. For a more accurate quote, please contact us on 020 8843 1411 or 07565 445751 so we can find out further details about the work required including a visual inspection.

If any additional parts are required during the service these may incur an extra cost.

Excellent customer service. I wanted to get my old set of Tabla’s repaired as they were worn out. BINA Musicals helped me out and changed the Tabla head to a deluxe skin and also tuned them for me, all within a few days. Overall, really impressed with the new skins and the sound.

Hemz, UK

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